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PMA’s virtual 14th Annual NetPoint & GPM Conference will be held on May 16, 2024, and registration is free! Join us for a dynamic one-day program dedicated to revolutionizing project scheduling and risk management processes. Led by industry-leading project managers, schedulers, and software developers, our conference sessions offer invaluable insights to enhance knowledge, refine skills, and achieve mastery in project scheduling and risk management.

This event is open to all project planners, schedulers, students, and faculty, experienced and new users of NetPoint. Project management professionals can earn up to six of PMI’s professional development units (PDU) or AACEi’s continuing education units (CEU).

Don’t miss the highlight of the conference: a keynote presentation by Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, founder, and CEO-emeritus of PMA Consultants, on “The Algorithmic as-built schedule.”

“ Discover the power of the algorithmic as-built schedule: dispelling elusive critical path notions and offering dynamic insights. Join us to revolutionize project analysis and advocate for industry standards integration, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.” – Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon stands as one of the nation’s leading authorities in planning and scheduling. His groundbreaking contributions to GPM and scheduling algorithms reshape the landscape of planning and scheduling, reminiscent of the impact of the critical path method’s inception. Dr. Vivek Puri is joining him, an accomplished professional with extensive experience in planning and executing construction and information technology projects. Dr. Puri’s recent endeavors include pioneering research and development in NetPoint, NetRisk, Schedule MD, and Project Summit.

This presentation dispels the notion of the elusive as-built critical path and introduces the concept of the algorithmic as-built schedule. As demonstrated at the PMI Global Congress 2010, the as-built critical path is alive and well left of the data date. With the primacy accorded to the as-built schedule, analysts may welcome the addition of the algorithmic as-built alternative, sourced from the fully progressed update, in revisions of ASCE 67-17, RP 29R-03, and the SCL Protocol.


Innovation Track for Project Summit

Large project schedules can be complex and hard to follow. Value is lost when project managers, leadership, or other stakeholders cannot understand the stories these schedules tell. Join Alexander Neary, Product Manager at PMA Consultants (PMA), and Gerald Rosario from Stantec to demonstrate how our latest innovations at PMA can save contractors and owners significant time and make the critical insights on complex projects more understandable. They will demonstrate how schedulers and their stakeholders can make real-time visual adjustments to a multi-thousand-activity schedule in just seconds, enabling better decision-making, communication, and a shared understanding within project teams. This presentation includes a live demo of the latest scheduling software developments and updates on the product roadmaps.



Training Track for NetPoint

Join Tim Mather in this on-demand NetPoint planning software training, where he covers essential aspects of project scheduling. Learn best practices for schedule setup, updates, and comparisons, and discover the interactive resource loading and leveling features. Tim explores Layout Manager and Automated Layouts, offering insights into schedule layout creation, modification, and link analysis. The session wraps up with a focus on printing and reporting, showcasing how NetPoint generates insightful reports and timelines for effective communication with key stakeholders. Take advantage of this concise and informative session to enhance your NetPoint proficiency.


Case Studies

Real-World Case Studies

Master Schedule Development & Management Using NetPoint, will present how early project planning and scheduling are essential for laying a strong foundation for the successful execution of a project. In this session, Amanda DavyRomano and Matthew Helner will demonstrate the crucial role of NetPoint in the early validation and development of the master schedule for an active airport expansion project. This schedule has a tight construction timeframe and several risks that could be detrimental to the project. NetPoint continues to be leveraged for interactive planning sessions and scenario planning, and it has helped drive discussions, coordination, and decision-making efforts among stakeholders.

Harnessing the Power of NetPoint & Project Summit for Seamless Manufacturing and Infrastructure Project Delivery, to discover how PMA uses NetPoint and Project Summit to communicate the schedule and navigate critical paths and near-critical details to provide a comprehensive view of the entire project for our pharmaceutical clients, Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck. See how Project Summit integrates NetPoint and P6 schedules, conducts weekly reviews, and delivers detailed schedules to key stakeholders, fostering collaboration and ensuring effective progress monitoring. The presentation will showcase the critical path visual as a reference guide, setting the stage for broader adoption across various workstreams. Join us on this journey of project management innovation and efficiency!

About NetPoint

NetPoint project scheduling software revolutionizes scheduling by providing an interactive, planning-focused experience, fostering communication and team collaboration. With NetPoint’s intuitive representation of activities and relationships, all stakeholders can come together to produce a CPM/GPM logic-driven schedule using the same tool utilized for planning.

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