Conference information

The 9th Annual NetPoint & Graphical Path Method Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado. Join us for the two-day program focused on advancing the practice of planning and scheduling.


Since its commercial release in 2008, NetPoint has been invaluable for individuals seeking a powerful and collaborative planning tool in the project management sector. Led by industry professionals, attendees can explore, discover, and harness project planning and scheduling skills. The event is open to all project planners, schedulers, students, and faculty currently using NetPoint as well as those new to NetPoint.

2019 Keynote: Improving on the Predictive Accuracy of P80 Dates

Do you want to reduce risk and improve the accuracy of project completion? Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, PE, PMP, LEED AP, will reveal how to develop an early/late bounding completion distribution envelope using the Graphical Path Method (GPM®) without the risky bias for early dates inherent in CPM. Attend the conference to learn how to avoid unrealistic P80 results from optimistic CPM dates.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, founder and CEO of PMA Consultants, is recognized as one of our nation’s foremost planning and scheduling subject matter experts. His executive and senior level roles have included investor’s developer, program manager, construction manager, and EPC contractor planner/scheduler. Dr. Gui has continually pioneered innovations in project management throughout his career at PMA. He has written widely on the use of CPM in construction contracts as well as on schedule, delay, and acceleration analysis. His recent work with the Graphical Path Method is revolutionizing planning and scheduling at a level not seen since the advent of critical path methods.

Introducing NetRisk 2.0

NetPoint’s risk analysis module, NetRisk, allows users to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analyses. Come see how NetRisk provides a probabilistic schedule analysis using a Monte Carlo simulation, and is the only risk analysis tool built into the same application used to create schedules saving time and money.

Conference Sessions

Subject matter experts will present practical, cutting-edge solutions in case studies for project management. Industry-recognized thought leaders will challenge some generally accepted practices and offer a framework and direction to move the industry forward in the coming years. Current and prospective NetPoint users will be delighted to learn about the recent features, functionality, and cutting edge strategies that leverage the power of GPM straight from leading practitioners and NetPoint developers.

More reasons to attend:

  • Earn PDUs by attending
  • Network among experts in the field of planning and scheduling
  • Get in-depth NetPoint training direct from developers
  • Get the most from new features and leverage GPM & NetPoint differences
  • Analyze schedule metrics with Schedule MD
  • Present schedules that people can understand
  • Communicate the schedule to gain plan buy-in

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