Understanding Import and Export with NetPoint 4.2

Harness the power of NetPoint® by learning how to migrate between NetPoint® and Primavera P6® through version 8 and Microsoft® Project 2007 and later. Take advantage of the extensive tables that compare and explain feature transfer. Also included are tips on how to prepare your NetPoint® schedule to transfer to CPM tools to manage the push to early-dates and F9.


Major improvements:

  • Primavera P6® versions 6-8 now supported by use of the XER file. The Primavera® API is no longer required, making the process much more fluid.
  • Transfer with Microsoft® Project 2007 and later now more robust and supports resource assignments, codes, and more using  the Microsoft® Project xml file for transfer.
  • NetPoint® in the Cloud now supports import and export with Primavera® and Microsoft® Project.


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*Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation