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NetPoint provides a clear way to convey your schedule model and visualize how the project activities relate to each other on the timescale.  This network will respond in real time to any changes that affect the network and the associated resources.  The critical path is easily discernible as a network of red objects or objects may be color coded. Logic links display as a yellow line with red arrows pointing from predecessor to successor.  Please keep in mind that each NetPoint plan may have a unique display setting, so look for a key for guidance.

The Basics of Object Display

An activity displays as a start node with a bar to the finish node with duration below the bar in the center. By default, dates display as start date by start node and finish date by the end node.
For shorter activities, dates and duration may stack in the order start date, finish date, and then duration by default to avoid clashing of the displayed data elements.

The data element display for any object can be modified via the object Properties box.

A Hammock shows as a hashed bar that reflects the earliest start and latest finish of its members, duration in calendar days, and critical if any member is critical.
A link notates a logic tie and displays yellow with red arrows from predecessor to successor.
A benchmark is signifying a firm start or finish date and will not move unless adjusted by the planner.
A milestone snaps to its network based on the following:  An un-constrained start milestone snaps to its earliest successor.  Conversely, an un-constrained finish milestone snaps to its latest predecessor.
Milestones and benchmarks are filled on the left for a start object
Milestones and benchmarks are filled on the right for a finish object
Constraints display as an exclamation at the start node/left side
start constraint or at the finish node/right side
finish constraint
Finish-to-start- logic (FS) may display as two activities placed on the same grid with the finish node of the predecessor overlapping the start node of the successor such that the link is not shown.
An embed displays as a yellow node intermediate to an activity’s start and finish nodes.  Start-to-start (SS) and finish-to-finish logic (FF) will link to these nodes for concurrent activities.

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