How Effective Project Planning & Implementation Impact an Operating Company’s Market Value

In today’s capital project world, organizations strive to be top performers and reinvest in their businesses for many important purposes. The return on investment continues to receive increasing scrutiny, focus, and importance. Still, major industries continue to make the same mistake, they fail to make the “engagement of owner’s expertise” anything more than semi-cursory.


As a consequence, many owners waste at a minimum 15 cents out of every capital dollar spent. The bottom line impact is enormous! The key, then, is to


  1. create an infrastructural framework that applies NetPoint in the early phases;
  2. cut through project delivery complexities by efficiently extracting knowledge;
  3. communicate that knowledge; and
  4. incorporate it into the design to secure the documentation. Learn how NetPoint is uniquely suited to productively engage critical expertise in the decision-making process earlier, better, and more productively to improve capital effectiveness overall.


Presented by: Christopher Luther – Camargo Associates, LLC


Mr. Luther is an accomplished executive with assertive drive and skill in building strong project relationships. With over 40 years of global experience in technical engineering, architecture, procurement, construction, and start-up, he formed a foundation of success in management responsibilities in the complex engineering/construction field. As an accomplished writer, he has written several “proprietary books” covering critical engineering, procurement, and construction issues associated with project performance as it relates to owners and partners alike.