System Icons

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System icons perform basic application functions, and are familiar to most users.

New Icon New Project Creates a blank NetPoint canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+N.
Open Project Accesses saved NetPoint projects. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”4720″ anchor=”working”]Opening and Unzipping Projects[/bookmark]. Shortcut: Ctrl+O.
Save Icon Save Project Stores the latest changes to the file. Shortcut: Ctrl+S.
Cut Icon Cut to Clipboard Removes selected item(s) from the canvas to the clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+X.
Copy icon Copy to Clipboard Place selected item(s) onto the clipboard without removing them from the canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+C.
Paste Icon Paste from Clipboard Inserts copied items from the clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+V. Click the down arrow to apply only the display and formatting characteristics of copied items from the clipboard to selected objects of the same type. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12312″ anchor=”paste”]Paste Format[/bookmark].
Print Icon Print Project Opens options for selecting a printer and adjusting print properties. Shortcut: Ctrl+P.
Undo Icon Undo Reverses the last actions. Undo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Z.
Redo Icon Redo Reverses the previous undo actions. Redo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Y.
Select Tool Icon Select Tool Grab, choose, select, or move activities and objects on the canvas. Shortcut: V.
Multi Select Icon Multi-Object Select Tool Grab, choose, or select multiple activities and objects without needing to use the SHIFT key. Shortcut: V.
Pan1 Pan Tool Move around the canvas without needing to use the scroll bars. Shortcut: H/SPACE/MOUSEHWEEL.