System Requirements

A successful collaborative planning session requires that participants remain engaged and focused. Using NetPoint on a well-equipped computer to drive the planning session will help to avoid costly delays in information processing, and will help maintain a smooth tempo of plan development and flow of information.


To install or upgrade NetPoint, administrator rights are required. Within 30 days of installation, license activation is required to grant continued access to NetPoint. If you do not have administrator rights, please contact your IT Department or system administrator. Once installed, administrator rights are NOT needed to run the NetPoint software. For more info, see [bookmark postid=”12834″ anchor=”install”]Installing/Upgrading NetPoint[/bookmark].

Operating System

NetPoint is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, including 64-bit versions.

Hard Disk

To install NetPoint, a minimum of 200MB of free storage space is recommended.

Virtual Memory

NetPoint requires a minimum of 1GB of RAM, but 4GB of RAM is suggested for better performance.

  • Up to 250 total objects: at least 1GB
  • 250 to 500 total objects: at least 2GB
  • Over 500 total objects: at least 4 GB

Supported Schedule Size

Supported schedule size depends on the number of total objects (activities, links, milestones, etc.), the computer’s processor/clock speed, and how much RAM it has. With a well-equipped machine, a delay of about 0.5 seconds can be expected for a schedule between 500-1,000 total objects, which is considered to be a tolerable upper limit. You can continue to work with a schedule until about 2,500 total objects with a delay of 1 second.

Tip: When working with larger schedules, we recommended hiding the resource histogram, as displaying it can add processing time.


With NetRisk, a delay of about 1 second can be expected in the Schedule view of the NetRisk Manager for a schedule with 500 total objects, which is considered to be a tolerable upper limit. A delay of 2 seconds can be expected for saving a schedule with a simulation of 1,000 iterations for 100 activities, for each simulation saved. For this reason, the number of saved simulations should be monitored on larger schedules.

Monitor & Projector Resolution

NetPoint requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and a 16-bit color setting. Higher resolution and a 32-bit color setting result in a better graphic image.

NOTE: A lower resolution may result in the inability to reach the OK and Cancel buttons in some dialog windows.

Concurrent License Monitoring

Concurrent license access is monitored by Sentinel HASP®, a third party product by SafeNet®, which is installed on your server and runs a service that monitors HASP licensing on your Network. In addition, each NetPoint workstation must be configured to the license server as described in the NetPoint Workstation Activation & Workstation Configuration to License Server document.

3rd Party Applications

For import/export, any necessary privileges will be set automatically upon installation.

Application Supported Versions
Primavera P6
6.0 and higher
Microsoft Project
2007, 2010
Microsoft Excel
2010, 2013
Microsoft Outlook
2007, 2010, 2013

NOTE: To benefit from Microsoft Outlook integration, NetPoint requires 32-bit installation. To check in Outlook 2010, click “File > Help”, and then look for the bit number in the right-most sections under “About Microsoft Outlook” after the “Version”. To check in Outlook 2013, click “File > Account”, click the big “About Outlook” icon, and then look for the bit number on the first line at the very end.

NOTE: To benefit from Microsoft Excel integration, NetPoint requires 2010 or higher.

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