Schedule Menu

Click the Schedule menu to access the following:

Modify Schedule Properties… Opens a window for customizing and formatting the entire plan. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12337″ anchor=”schedule-properties”]Schedule Properties[/bookmark].
Manage Schedule Progress… Opens a window for actualizing objects with respect to a data date. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”11425″ anchor=”actualized”]Actualizing Objects[/bookmark].
Set Password… Opens options for settings a password to read or modify the schedule. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”631″ anchor=”password”]Password Permissions[/bookmark].
Shade Non-working Days Adds vertical shading to all non-working days. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”11550″ anchor=”holidays”]Displaying Holidays[/bookmark].
Prompt for Grid Numbers When Pasting Enables a prompt each time an object is pasted from the clipboard to determine its vertical grid position. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12356″ anchor=”grid”]Grid Options[/bookmark].
Open Layout Manager Opens a window for saving, viewing, and deleting layouts and running the automated layout engine. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12652″ anchor=”layouts”]Layouts[/bookmark].
Animate When Running Redraws the network in real-time while an automated layout is ran.
Always Fine Tune After Running Applies a fine tune after running an automated layout. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12646″ anchor=”run”]Running Automated Layouts[/bookmark].
Run Automated Layout Begins the layout processing. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12646″ anchor=”run”]Running Automated Layouts[/bookmark].
Layout Manager Settings Contains options for resetting the Layout Manager settings. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12646″ anchor=”run”]Running Automated Layouts[/bookmark].