Risk Menu

Click the Risk menu to access the following commands:

Open NetRisk Manager… Opens a window for managing the risk register, duration-ranging, floating, or pacing activities, and running the simulation and analyzing results (among others). For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”3471″ anchor=”risk”]The NetRisk Manager[/bookmark].
Run Simulation… Opens the manager to the Run tab. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”3588″ anchor=”schedule”]Simulating the Schedule[/bookmark].
View Schedule at Selected Percentile… Opens options for visualizing simulation data directly on the canvas. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”3601″ anchor=”simulation”]Viewing P-Values and Indices on the Canvas[/bookmark].
End Current NetRisk Session... Disables the current session of NetRisk, allowing other uses to enable it (when running from a shared location). For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”6795″ anchor=”license”]Enabling and Disabling NetRisk[/bookmark].
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