File Menu

Click the File menu to access the following commands:

New Icon New Opens a blank NetPoint canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+N.
Open Icon2 Open… Accesses saved project schedules. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”4720″ anchor=”working”]Opening and Unzipping Projects[/bookmark]. Shortcut: Ctrl+O.
  Open .nzp… Unzips a project’s folder to a specified location and opens its schedule in NetPoint. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”4720″ anchor=”working”]Opening and Unzipping Projects[/bookmark].
Open Recent Lists the most recently opened projects. Choose to show 4, 10, or 16. Click on a specific plan name to open that plan.
Save Icon Save Stores the latest changes to the file. Shortcut: Ctrl+S.
  Save As… Saves a new schedule as a project or an existing schedule as a different project or to a different location. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12930″ anchor=”saving”]Saving New Projects[/bookmark].
Close Icon Close Closes the current schedule without exiting NetPoint.
  Send Project as Email Attachment… Zips the current project’s folder, opens the default email client, and attaches the zip file. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12932″ anchor=”email”]Sending and Zipping Projects[/bookmark].
  Convert .np4 file to Project… Converts legacy NetPoint files into the folder-based structure and opens the project. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”4716″ anchor=”schedules”]Converting Legacy Schedule Files[/bookmark].
  Zip Project… Zips a project’s folder and saves it to a specified location. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12932″ anchor=”email”]Sending and Zipping Projects[/bookmark].
Print Opens options for selecting a printer and adjusting print properties. Shortcut: Ctrl+P.
Adjusts zoom and stretch so the entire plan fits in the screen and turns on page breaks. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12352″ anchor=”print”]Printing and Presenting[/bookmark].
Print Setup… Opens options for changing the page size and orientation. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12352″ anchor=”page-size”]Page Size[/bookmark].
Page Tiling (a x b) Opens options for tiling a schedule across multiple pages and hiding or showing page breaks. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”12352″ anchor=”page-size”]Page Size/Print Setup[/bookmark].
Import/Export Contains options for interfacing with Primavera P6, Open Plan, MS Project, XML, and Excel. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”654″ anchor=”imported”]Inputs and Outputs[/bookmark].
Insert Image File(s)… Adds an image that will display on the canvas behind all objects except for shades. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”923″ anchor=”images”]Image Files[/bookmark].
Take Snapshot Opens options for generating an image from the schedule. For detailed instructions, see [bookmark postid=”949″ anchor=”snapshot”]Capturing Snapshots[/bookmark].
Exit Closes down the application and all open projects.