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Welcome to the NetPoint® User Guide with NetRisk™ Risk Analysis. NetPoint® is a powerful and easy-to-use project planning and scheduling application. NetRisk™ Risk Analysis is a state-of-the-art GPM-based risk modeling and risk analysis module that runs within NetPoint®. Combined, NetPoint® with NetRisk™ offers seamless scheduling and risk analysis using the same graphical and intuitive interface. NetRisk™ Risk Analysis is available as a supplementary module to NetPoint®. If you’d like to add a NetRisk™ Risk Analysis license to NetPoint, please contact NetPoint® sales at

NetPoint® with NetRisk™ Risk Analysis makes use of the Graphical Path Method® to introduce a number of innovative concepts to the practice of scheduling and risk analysis. To ensure that all capabilities are fully understood and utilized, we encourage you to use this guide as a reference, to browse through online resources, and to consider signing up for training services. For more information about training, please visit:

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