Generating Log Files

Log files can be useful in the event that a ticket has been opened with NetPoint support, and a support team member is requesting more information. Log files include general system information – such as the type of processor, memory, and screen resolution; application information, such as the current version and installation directory; license information, such the type and key; and a list of recent actions taken. Together with the schedule, this information can greatly assist NetPoint support in recreating any errors encountered. Once generated, the log file is stored in MyDocuments\NetPointAppData as SupportLog.html.

NOTE: Only ONE log file can be stored at a time and will overwrite any pre-existing log file.


  1. Click Help from the menu bar and choose Collect Information for NetPoint Support. A confirmation will open.
  2. To attach the log to a new message using your default email client, click Attach to New Email. Otherwise, click Close.