PMA Releases Guide to the Forensic Scheduling Body of Knowledge, Part I

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CEO and founder of PMA Consultants, Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, PE, PMP, LEED AP, has authored and released a new publication entitled “Guide to the Forensic Scheduling Body of Knowledge, Part I.” The Guide brings together a body of knowledge accumulated from more than 40 years of retrospective schedule analyses using the critical path method (CPM). Together with coauthors Gary Jentzen, JD, PE, LEED AP; Don Fredlund, PMP; Darrel Field, PE, LEED AP; and Philip Spittler, PMP, Dr. Gui takes an in-depth look at forensic scheduling, addressing topics such as new approaches to improving methods that use as-built information; the nuances of floating delay vs. pacing as well as the modeling of gain (the other side of the delay coin); and the modeling of serial and weather delays and how failure to recognize such can produce misleading or incorrect results.


In discussing the new book, Dr. Gui states, “‘Claims analysis’ evolved into a technical field, separate and distinct from project scheduling in 2007 when AACE released its Recommended Practice No. 29 Forensic Schedule Analysis. Since then, scheduling professionals have responded enthusiastically by embracing the new way of thinking and taking the body of knowledge even further. This Guide continues the dialogue in the direction of improved and innovative methods in a manner consistent with the Daubert standard.”


This Guide is a Must Read for:

  • Scheduling professionals seeking to further their knowledge in forensic schedule analysis.
  • Expert forensic schedulers who must stay current on the latest developments to be better prepared to deal with Daubert challenges.
  • Attorneys who guide the selection of, present, and challenge forensic scheduling analyses prepared by experts.
  • Researchers seeking to advance the art of forensic scheduling.
  • Software purveyors whose perspective can facilitate or hinder forensic schedule analysis.


The Guide is available for purchase at PMA’s Web Shop.



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    Shall I know the table of content?
    And Is there Part2?