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flippa vs sedo

I know this isn't a million dollar domain, but I've seen worse domains sell for a decent amount of Sedo. For fiverr my earnings is just 200+ Wealthy ... I saw success only with Flippa. Do you guys think I should try to sell this on Flippa for no cost or Sedo with the auction fee? Buying and selling websites on Flippa is great because they provide in-depth analytics and detailed user information about sellers. The buyer must think there is good flipping potential, as it already found its way to the NamesCon / NameJet auction. Put your money on Sedo being the domain auctioneer. I've never sold a domain before and a $50 fee wouldn't change my life at all. Sedo s. Continue Reading. Sedo goes for great names, names that are looking for. Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are? The company has a lot to brag about: more than 2 million registered users, 3,000 domains sold on a daily basis – it’s quite an impressive marketplace. Established in 2006, Dealasite obviates the need of expensive brokers to get proper value … SEDO has been around for 15 years and is mostly geared towards selling domain names. He's loving it. Top 10 flippa alternative to sell and Buy Premium Domains in 2018. Buy and sell domains and websites with According to them, they are the largest domain marketplace in the world (Flippa claims to be the best, but not the largest). Sedo vs Flippa; Sedo vs Godaddy Auctions; Sedo vs Afternic; Sedo Reviews. Flippa – Much like Sedo is to domain sales Flippa is to website sales. Earn revenue with your unused domains. It is … I listed it according to Estibot's value which was $240. Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace, Hi, I'm a complete newbie today to Warrior and looking forward to joining in the discussions but I have been trying for an hour to add a profile picture and ... I have had great experience with flippa. What I am doing is usually trying to gather data from both, Flippa and Sedo, compare the results and then buy the domain on Sedo because it’s easier to do there. Not only is it a domain marketplace, it also is a domain parking service, along with other services. I assume it is somewhat of an ebay for domains correct? 2.Sedo. You can see where I set my bid on Flippa to get a $5,500 sale by watching this video. Domain parking pays off in three different ways at the same time: You earn money when visitors click on ad links, you learn how often your domain is visited and you can boost sales. [read more], Wondering if anyone can help me out? What are some good services to sell via cold calls. My only experience ... Sedo (Flippa Alternative) They are a highly trusted platform, with 15 years of experience and more … You pay a fee up front, whether it sells or not, and it is listed for very short term. The auction site is responsible for millions of dollars in domain name sales as well. If you don`t like it, get it for an extended period on sedo. Flippa is a global online marketplace where individuals and business owners buy and sell websites, online businesses and other digital real estate. During this same period of time I have listed all of my same domains at Afternic DomainAgents Sedo DynaDot Flippa Uniregistry marketplaces. Select a reason you're reporting this comment. Are there any other websites I can use to sell my domains, other than Sedo or Flippa? Flippa is a newer crowd in general. Sedo is MUCH larger for domain sales. It keeps saying that it has and then disconnects to try again, but either way regardless of whether it is FireFox or IE, ... GoDaddy, for instance, makes you pay for that privilege. 0. For premium domains the best site is Sedo, The topics in Internet Marketing that you should be reading right now, Threads voted as the best by the Warrior Forum Community. flippa is a platform to sell website and domains.. although they are well know for flipping website. See how much you get. sold for 6,500 USD recently at Flippa, vs 109 USD on 2017-04-13 at Sedo. SEDO is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling your products and services online. If you want to sell quickly a domain/website then choose Flippa. Is it a domain? If your domain is super premium sedo might be a better option. I saw a video on Youtube on how to make money on Flippa buy buying website from JustDropped and then listing on Flippa. [read more]. Awesome quick flip for the seller….50x if the commissions are 15% over at Flippa. I have them on flippa already, but I was hoping there was a (cheaper) alternative out there somewhere. Seller listed site as fully operational, dumping money into it now as it has 1000+ bugs and errors and the cost is astronomical to fix. MP.8 is the Official website and store of top professional boxer Manny Pacquiao! Advice. Above. If your domain is premium, speak to a decent domain broker - they will have access to buyers/end-users that a public marketplace will not get you. (We’ll talk about why Flippa distinguishes between starter and established sites in the Buying on Flippa section, so keep reading). [read more], How goes, everyone? Anyone know of a good alternative to flippa? June 26, 2016, 7:01 pm. is being auctioned on Flippa, what is ? Should work like that. I've never done any thing like, and stupid me bought the website from JustDropped for $70 USD. On Flippa, sellers are selling their passion projects, side hustles and online businesses. Get started with Flippa today Looking to Buy or sell an online business or mobile app? I have an eCommerce dropshipping website, currently making 3 sales so far. The same thing can be done on Sedo, their interface is a little more minimalistic and easier to use but also with fewer features. This subreddit is for discussing all things domains. Your Own Authority Website For Just $99. It isn’t just websites that sell on Flippa, though. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Stay up-to-date with the best Internet Marketing Content, Copywriting Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Product and a lot more! sold for $995 recently at Flippa, vs $6,000 back in 2007 at Sedo, for a decrease of 83%. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. ABCdogs had excellent rankings ... The business comes with full rights to produce & sell any product with Manny Pacquiao’s likeness and/or signature through the website. It would take months to years in Sedo while take only days with Flippa. [read more], Or l cannot log online with it. Pros of Sedo. Therefore, it is not ideal for buying websites. [read more], Hi there I have been doing fiverr freelancing for past 3 years as well as affiliate marketing and also wealthy Affiliates . Sedo is batter place i think but there are a lot more other options when it comes to selling watch this video for 10 auction websites dont forget to like : Sedo is MUCH larger for domain sales. The site established around 2 weeks ago. I think SEDO is best for selling domain only, FLIPPA is better when selling the whole website! Free parking: Sedo hosts your domain for you while you try to sell it. Not an expert on this one, but the blog here has some interesting observations: Well try flippa for a short auction. Submit. I tried Sedo in the past but could hardly get a view, let alone a sale ^^ it's so hard getting your domain found on Sedo if you don't pay for more exposure. Guaranteed To Get You Consistent Monthly Revenue! 19 0 I want to try flip a few domains. No obligation, confidential valuation here. Most likely the venue is GoDaddy. 49 reviews for, 1.5 stars: 'The lure of online business is enticing, unless you are software developer stay away! Flippa vs SEDO. Sedo is a marketplace that costs you nothing up front, and is more of a passive marketplace. Been putting my son through a marketing bootcamp of sorts. Update to thread, will sedo charge a fee if the domain does not sale say if I list for a month? I think most domainer are using flippa because they are more end users on flippa then afternic or sedo because most of the buyer that come to flippa are looking for a website to buy and develop. I know this isn't a million dollar domain, but I've seen worse domains sell for a decent amount of Sedo. 1. Sedo is almost as good as Flippa. It is as good as Flippa, or maybe better. Over 18 million domains and websites are for sale in our marketplace! All you need to do is park your domains at Sedo, for free.We will handle the rest – everything from ad placement to paying out your advertising earnings. Flippa or Sedo? Do you guys think I should try to sell this on Flippa for no cost or Sedo with the auction fee? Wish I had seen and listened to other 1 star reviews before my purchase. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by BlogBuyer, Apr 13, 2014. sold for $635 recently at GoDaddy, vs $2,088 in 2011 at Afternic. Sedo's services include domain parking, appraisals, and brokerage Finally, Sedo is the cheapest option and they don’t charge for registration, transfer or parking. Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Or. If you’re lookin to ... acquire a business, we can help. Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio.. Flips. 4. Is similar to flippa and why use sedo in case they are? Warrior Special Offers® (WSOs) are deals available exclusively through Warrior Forum that no one else can beat. A peer-to-peer platform. Well, you do need a very appealing, commercial-oriented domain name if you want to attract bidders. I guess I'm mostly just curious how you would determine whether a domain qualifies for Sedo vs. free platforms? ($5.99). Coming up on the two year mark, I have sold a LOT of domains via Afternic DomainAgents Sedo, and received MANY price inquiries and MANY offers. It depends on circumstances. Delete. If you’re looking for the perfect side hustle, we can help! Warrior Forum is the world's largest Internet Marketing Community and Marketplace. Goals and ambition are achieved through action. Subscribe to the Channel Register A Domain Name In this video, I go over Afternic which is a domain name broker service provided by GoDaddy. Enter a reason for deleting this comment. [Awesome] This is by far the best online affiliate business tutorial! Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace and domain parking provider based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cologne, Germany. To sell a domain quickly, a platform like Flippa is more geared for that. Huge marketplace: Around 2M domain names for sale. If it has “ by mail ” in the name, or “ dicks ” then it’s listed on Flippa. Above has evolved over the years as we have stayed ahead of developing services for domain investors. But he wants to learn cold calling. You can sell any of these on Flippa and the process is pretty similar for all of them. All listings are free. I would sell on DP, but appears DP has <$1000 domains, I would like 2500. fbodygallery , … If you want to sell a domain that needs explaining before getting someone to buy it, flippa will be the best alternative.. More buyers in Flippa than in Sedo I guess. Flippa review from Absecon, New Jersey rated 1.0/5.0 with 3 Comments: I listed my domain for sale because on their homepage they said they were the number 1 place... Flippa is a scam Aug 16, 2016 @ Pissed Consumer BlogBuyer UKBF Newcomer Free Member. I have listed my domain to both the websites but no bid yet! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Home ; Community Discussion ; Site Flipping; hitmeasap Level X 5. Variety of payment options: Sedo lets you pay and get paid via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. They maintain an Excellent rating on Trust Pilot with over 200 reviews, and an A+ rating with the BBB. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When compairing Flippa vs SEDO, SEDO mostly deal with domain names. Flippa are gaining market share, though, and probably a better option for a lower end domain that would struggle to get exposure on a larger marketplace. Flippa is a good place if you’re also looking to sell a website, app or SaaS, beside a domain name. Dealasite. I'm doing SEO for a pet store near where I live, lets just call it ABC Dogs, url to use as example. Flippa is a marketplace for 4 types of web properties: starter sites, established sites, apps, and domains. Only pay a fee when a domain sells. Flippa are gaining market share, though, and probably a better option for a lower end domain that would struggle to get exposure on a larger marketplace. Anybody have any experience/thoughts on the matter? definitely Flippa is better. Case Study: Why I Chose Flippa For My Domain Sales | Flippa Blog | A blog about buying and selling websites, domains and apps. Sedo is certainly a reputable marketplace for domain names. T-Shirt Business: How To Work From Home Starting Your Own Online Business In A Popular Teespring Niche! i am trying to sell a domain name, anyone have a thought on which site is better, sedo or flippa. Marketplaces are only as good as their members. I found a pretty interesting 5-letter .com domain: I have experience selling exactly same website on flippa for $650. Virtual XP on my WIndows 7 Laptop is Broken, What to do about site with two main pages optimized for same keyterm. I have over 30 domains with Sedo and no bids yet! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. I have intention to sell this website to start new project. List hundreds or thousands of domains if you want. Well the obvious answer, since you don't seem to be in a rush, is to use free platforms first and only turn to paid platforms once those don't pan out. But if you want to purchase, sell or track domain names then SEDO is the place you must consider as an alternative to Flippa. Currently there are 550 SKUs + over 350,000 uniques pv/mo. I found a pretty interesting 5-letter .com domain: Sedo is your best option if you do not want to risk payment up front.

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