Error Reporting Confidentiality

In consideration for providing PMA Technologies, LLC (“PMA TECH”) with files and or other requested material or information (“CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION”), PMA TECH agrees, except as required otherwise by applicable law, court, governmental order, or to the extent reasonably necessary to prosecute or defend PMA TECH from litigation related to the License Agreement, to hold such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION in strict confidence and to use such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION only as it deems necessary to assist PMA TECH with repairing or otherwise improving NetPoint or its other software products (“SOFTWARE”). Provider of such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION represents that it owns or has authority to provide such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to PMA TECH for the purpose(s) provided herein, and such use by PMA TECH shall not constitute an infringement of any party’s ownership or proprietary rights. The terms found online under are the most up-to-date and in case of discrepancy supersede terms found printed.

Last updated: 06/28/15.