Case Studies, Netpoint, Presentations

This session showcases the use of NetPoint in a $380M master-planned project, John Knox village. PMA engaged the senior management team, updated the master plan schedule, analyzed requirements, illustrated specific resource needs, and developed a baseline schedule with buy-in from the team. NetPoint helped John Knox Village validate its resource needs through what-if scenarios and assisted PMA to successfully present the plan to the organization’s Board of Directors for approval.

Jaime Sobrino AIA, LEED AP, PMP, VMA

Jaime Sobrino is a licensed architect and director at PMA Consultants. He has worked as program manager and owner’s representative and developed business opportunities in Colombia and Peru. Jaime received his BA at Cornell University.

Gail Sutton-Pauling

Gail Sutton-Pauling is Director of Project Management for John Knox Village of Florida, Inc. She has directed the adoption of project management processes, developed benchmark data, supported improvement of strategic planning methodologies, and implemented key project resources. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida A & M University.

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