Detailed Tour of NetPoint Features

Breakthrough innovations in scheduling

NetPoint® is the only application that combines the power of the GPM® algorithm with a highly visual and user-friendly interface. The result is a uniquely flexible tool that enables individuals and teams to plan forward and backward, build schedules faster, and communicate the project timeline more clearly than ever.

Planned Dates

Build a schedule that better reflects real-world conditions by placing activities anywhere within their total float range, without constraining float.

Forensic Float

Since GPM® doesn’t rely on early & late dates for network calculations, float values are preserved left of the data date – particularly useful in retrospective schedule analysis!

And More

  • Toggle date modes (early, planned, late)
  • Real-time schedule calculations
  • Self-healing network logic
  • As-built critical path

Superior graphical interface

Draw and link activities right on the canvas, without forcing them to align to rows in a spreadsheet, and position multiple activities on the same line. This new flexibility makes project planning far more natural and intuitive for everyone. Group activities by WBS, by work area, or by business unit, and customize link geometries to clearly represent important network paths. Finally, project schedules that can be understood by the whole project team.

Global Edit Mode™

A fast method for optimizing schedule appearance. GEM™ activates all data elements on the canvas for simultaneous positioning and formatting.


Choose the time-unit best suited to your project, from minutes up to years. Great for depicting the appropriate timescale on a summary schedule, or for micro-planning time-sensitive turnarounds.

And More

  • Multiple activities per line
  • Object styles
  • Real-time canvas interaction

Dynamic & responsive project planning

Gone are the days of pressing F9 and waiting for the schedule to calculate and update. With GPM’s real-time and self-healing rules, dates, durations, logic relationships, and the critical path all refresh in real-time, as the schedule is modified. It’s never been easier to anticipate critical activities, highlight the critical path for everyone to see, and evaluate alternative planning or resource-driven scenarios on the fly.

Backward Planning

Since activities can be drawn and stretched in either direction, late-dates mode allow projects to be more naturally planned backward from the project end date.

Visual Resource Modeling

By plotting histogram graphs and curves directly underneath activities, resource-leveling becomes a truly interactive and engaging exercise.

And More

  • Dynamic critical path analysis
  • Multiple calendars
  • Custom non-work days
  • Weather modeling

Robust tools for schedule maintenance

Update and maintain the schedule during project execution and produce reports and timelines that convey up-to-date project status for key stakeholders, all right from NetPoint®. The visual interface makes it easy to review the schedule network and make necessary adjustments so that a record of the actual work sequence – and even the critical path – can be retained.

Schedule Updating

Insert a data-date and receive immediate visual feedback on the activities falling behind schedule. Watch the notification counter decrease as activities are actualized or updated to reflect changes in work.

 Target Comparisons

Establish a baseline schedule, commit project updates, and compare variances between dates, durations, and float values. Export to Excel for more flexible analysis.

And More

  • Constraint flags
  • Activity filters
  • Activity codes
  • Search within a schedule

All of the basics you expect

All of the standard bells and whistles you’ve come to expect in an industry-leading project management tool.

  • Up to 2,500 activities
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • FS, FF, SS, SF relationships
  • Hammock activities
  • Milestones & benchmarks
  • Schedule passwords
  • Schedule statistics
  • Shade non-working days
  • Eight link geometries
  • Attach external files

Import & export

NetPoint® conveniently interfaces with several third-party applications through importing and exporting of schedule data.

  • Import/export with MS Excel
  • Import/export with Primavera P6
  • Import/export with Deltek Open Plan
  • Import/export with MS Project
  • Export to Synchro 4D BIM

Best-in-class support

We are a passionate team of designers, developers, schedulers, IT professionals, and support staff who are motivated to ensure your utmost satisfaction and success with using NetPoint®.

  • Annual maintenance
  • Phone and email assistance
  • Extensive online resources

Flexible licensing options

NetPoint® Premier

  • Unlimited installs
  • 1 concurrent user per license

NetPoint® Cloud

  • Access from anywhere, even Macs & tablets
  • Browser-based, no installation required
  • Sold by annual subscription
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