Delay Analysis & Dispute Resolution

Our experts use NetPoint® to communicate schedule delay analysis.

Expert Claims Analysis


Our team of delay analysis experts has a breadth of experience in identifying, analyzing, preparing, and presenting claims and disputes on a variety of projects. Our distinct advantage is a direct result of our expertise and background in managing more than $100 billion in projects over the last 40 years.


When analyzing claims, our experts use NetPoint® to employ groundbreaking forensic scheduling techniques that produce understandable schedules. The results consistently prove invaluable when communicating expert testimony in the appropriate forum (i.e., trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, negotiations, etc.).


Dispute Resolution


PMA has an impressive track record in providing expert advice for disputed changes and claims on construction projects. Our claims professionals have served as mediators, participated on dispute review boards, and have functioned in the capacity of “neutral evaluator” or “third-party neutral.” In addition, we are often asked to assist in, or actively facilitate, negotiating construction dispute settlements on behalf of our clients.


Learn more about PMA’s Construction Claims Consulting.

PMA published the Guide to the Forensic Scheduling Body of Knowledge—Part 1, which extends RP 29 and other standards.

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