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NetPoint is preset to a default US Calendar, with holidays assigned that may not match your work calendar. For the best results, define a custom calendars before adding objects and assign it as objects are added to the plan so dates and durations calculate based on your workdays from the offset.

  1. In menu go to Tools > Manage Calendars to open Calendar Properties
  2. Click New box and type in Name field
  3. Select a template from dropdown list, click Add to List
  4. Click New to define a holiday and click Add or select a holiday in list to edit using Modify & Delete.
  5. The calendar is ready to assign only to this project. To make available to other projects on that workstation, check Share to all projects, note that a shared calendar cannot be later modified.
  6. Click Add to close Calendar Properties
  7. Click Save to complete calendar definition

TIP: Efficiently assign a custom calendar by setting as the default for the plan via Objects > Set Default Properties for New Objects, be sure to set calendar in each object tab.

Assign or Modify the Object Calendar

Once the default calendar is set via Objects > Set Default Properties for New Objects, a calendar may be modified at any time for an object or multiple objects as follows:

  1. For a single object, got to the Dates tab to select from the calendar dropdown menu.
  2. To bulk edit calendars, Go to Tools > Assign Calendars to see and modify by clicking on the object’s Calendar assigned cell and setting a new calendar in the dropdown menu.
  3. To bulk edit selected objects, select objects on canvas and go to Objects > Set Properties for Selected Objects, then set in the Calendars dropdown menu in each object’s tab.
  4. Reset the default calendar at any time for new objects added to the plan, being sure to reset in each object tab of Objects > Set Properties for Selected Objects.


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