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NetPoint® and Primavera P6 are both tools used to plan and schedule projects. There are similarities and differences between the two platforms, but they can both have a place in providing premium project control techniques on construction projects. For example, a planner may choose to develop Level 0, 1, and 2 schedules in NetPoint, but they may feel P6 is the more appropriate choice for Level 3 and 4 schedules. In scenarios like this, there are frequently situations where an export from one tool to the other is a valuable time-saver. In this session we will discuss the most common reasons where an export between NetPoint and P6 make sense; steps required to export from NetPoint to P6 and vice versa; what to look for after the data is exported; and tips and tricks to optimize the results of the export. Finally, we will demonstrate a round-trip export between NetPoint and P6 and provide an overview of how exporting with P6 may look in the forthcoming Project Summit. 

John Zann 

Mr. John Zann has extensive experience in the construction consulting industry. He has significant knowledge of construction cost engineering, consultant and contractor procurement, project management, project planning, critical path method scheduling, and construction engineering. He has developed, implemented, and updated schedules for numerous projects during his years at PMA, and he has worked for both owners and contractors in developing and implementing extensive cost and schedule control systems—including overall program and project budgeting, forecasting, and analysis—on multiple projects, spanning multiple industries. He has proficiency in and significant experience using Primavera, MS Project, SAP, and NetPoint. 


Yes, you can use the session once available in on-demand videos. We also have tutorials on the PMA Technologies YouTube channel. 

There is no technical limit but a practical limit. Too many activities can become complicated. I recommend up to 350 as the limit. 

It’s hard to say since there are so many factors that determine the success of a project. However, when NetPoint is used for P6 detail, we’ve had significant success communicating and controlling the schedule. 

Yes, PMA has extensive experience with schedule delay analysis, and NetPoint is a much better software when creating schedule graphics to communicate the delay issues. Everything will export when the ID number is assigned. 

There are no limits on the number of baselines you create in NetPoint. However, NetPoint uses a target and comparison process for comparing schedules. A target is a snapshot of a schedule at a given moment in time. Creating a target captures the start date, finish date, duration, drift, float, and total float of all activities, milestones, benchmarks, delays, and hammocks. As the schedule progresses, current activity data may then be compared to earlier target data. NetPoint generates comparisons by using targets that correspond with different states of a schedule. This is done by first designating one target as the base and then another as the alternate.

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