Collaborative Planning

Let us help you communicate the project more efficiently.

Experienced Facilitators for Planning Sessions


From preparation to execution to post-session support, our facilitators help your team get maximum value from collaborative planning sessions. A NetPoint® expert works with your team to collect important information ahead of the session to make sure that everyone is prepared to participate.

During the planning session, we facilitate information gathering as the schedule is built using input from critical stakeholders. NetPoint® schedules are typically projected onto a large screen or wall, and in some cases with special touch-enabled equipment to better facilitate hands-on interaction and participation.

NetPoint® collaborative planning sessions don’t require that participants be scheduling experts. Instead, the collaborative nature of the software allows all participants to come away with a deeper understanding of the project timeline and important activity logic relationships. The result is a clearer representation of the project that can be communicated more efficiently to all members of the team.

In addition to collaborative planning sessions, our NetPoint® and GPM experts also provide ongoing web-based and on-site consultation.


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