Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations

Present at the 2018 NetPoint & GPM Conference

Conference registration is free for presenters!

Have you used NetPoint or GMP in an interesting way? The NetPoint Team is looking for people across all industries with fresh perspectives and keen insights into planning and scheduling.

1. Submit an Abstract

Submit ~150-word description of your presentation by November 3, 2017.

Submit an Abstract

See past presentations
tips for submission.

2. Develop Presentation

  1. We will notify those selected to present by November 17, 2017.
  2. The signed speaker agreement due by December 4, 2017. If you registered, your fee is refunded in full.
  3. Final presentation slide deck due January 19, 2018.

3. Present your Topic

Present your ideas or experiences using NetPoint or GPM planning March 1 – 2, 2018.

Contact the NetPoint Team for help creating a strong and engaging presentation.

F.A.Q.s for presenters

What types of presentation topics are the NetPoint Team looking for?

Planning and scheduling, forensic scheduling, risk management, capital planning, lean and pull planning, metrics with Schedule MD, impactful NetPoint use, etc. See past presentations

What is the optimal presentation length?

Presenters have a 55-minute time slot. Presentations typically last 45-50 minutes with 5-10 minutes of questions at the end.

I have a great idea but PowerPoint just isn’t my thing.

The NetPoint Team provides a conference PowerPoint template as part of the presenter package. We have marketing and graphics professionals waiting to help you create a strong, engaging presentation.

Haven’t registered yet? Register here for the 2018 NetPoint and GPM Conference.