Calendars are a way for specifying which periods an activity, milestone, or benchmark may or may not be taking place due to national holidays, weekends, scheduled days off, and/or weather (blocked weather days).

If desired, a specific calendar may be chosen as the default calendar, but it will only apply within the active schedule. The only way to reset the default calendar permanently is to reinstall NetPoint, at which point a different country may be selected. For more info on changing the default calendar or reinstalling, see Default Properties and Installing/Upgrading NetPoint respectively.

NOTE: If a milestone is assigned a calendar that’s different from that of its predecessors or successors, and the network is pulled backwards, gaps may open up as the chain crosses a weekend or non-working days. As such, it is recommended to always keep milestones on the same calendar as their predecessors/successors.

NOTE: When moving 1 or more objects with different calendars, the behavior will be different depending on whether using the mouse or using the keyboard/gestural controls. For more info, see Fine Tuning/Gestural Controls.

This chapter includes details for the following:

  1. Adding/modifying calendars
  2. Configuring holidays
  3. Assigning calendars
  4. Displaying holidays
  5. Shared calendars (global)