Modifying an Existing Resource

To [anchor]modify [/anchor]a resource that has already been defined, click [menu_path]Tools > Manage Resources…[/menu_path] from the menu bar. The [window_name]Project Resources[/window_name] window opens.

Select the resource from the list of [window_name]Existing Resources[/window_name]. At this point, the[icon_cmd] Modify…[/icon_cmd] and [icon_cmd]Delete[/icon_cmd] buttons become enabled.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 05.28.04

Click the [icon_cmd]Modify…[/icon_cmd] button.

The [window_name]Resource Properties[/window_name] window opens, showing the several resource fields filled in according to the current properties of the resource.

After making any changes, click the [icon_cmd]Update[/icon_cmd] button and the [window_name]Resource Properties[/window_name] window will reset.

Click the [icon_cmd]Exit[/icon_cmd] icon to close the [window_name]Resource Properties[/window_name] window.

NOTE: The [icon_cmd]Update[/icon_cmd] button must be clicked before clicking the [icon_cmd]Exit[/icon_cmd] icon . Otherwise, the change will not be saved.