If the need arises to delete an activity without deleting its logic relationships, dissolving can be useful. Dissolving an activity or delay will completely remove it from the network, while maintaining links to and from its predecessors and successors. Any resources or codes assigned to the dissolved activity, and any lags on links to or from the dissolved activity will be ignored. Any links to or from embedded nodes will be treated as FS links to or from the containing activity. If dissolving an activity results in an embedded node in either a predecessor or successor having no remaining links, that embed will be removed.

NOTE: No attempt will be made to correct any negative gaps resulting from the dissolve operation.


  1. With the Select Tool Select Tool Icon chosen in the toolbar, right-click on an activity or delay and select Dissolve Activity or Dissolve Delay, respectively.


Once dissolved, a new FS link will be created from each predecessor to each successor. None of these new links will have lags. The link geometry is chosen automatically to minimize link overlays on the display:

  • For one-to-many relationships, VH links are used.
  • For one-to-one and many-to-one relationships, HV links are used.
  • For many-to-many relationships, VDV links are used.


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