Netpoint, Quick-start Guides

This guide shares how to add, link, and modify objects. Simply click an object icon and drop it on the canvas. To add logic, select the objects and click the link icon.

The Basics of the NetPoint Interface

  • NetPoint opens with a blank plan ready to build a plan (preset dates and default US calendar), or customize set the timescale first using Quick-start 1 – Set Up Your Canvas.
  • See the object and the canvas right-click menu for access to options only available there.
  • Use icons to add an activity, milestone, benchmark, or hammock, which align to a grid.
  • Select objects, by click or Shift+Click to move, copy, and paste via key strokes Control+C to copy and Control+V to paste or use toolbar icons.
  • For object dates/durations to be based on your working schedule, define and assign a custom calendar at the start of your planning (see Working with Custom Calendars).

Add Objects 

Click an icon and go to plan to see date at cross-hairs for placement.

Add an Activity

  1. Click Activity icon.
  2. Place cursor over planning area.
  3. Click and hold to stretch to duration/finish date. Don’t worry about exact placement, this can be modified later release. In property box type Description and reset attributes like Calendar and Format.

Add a Milestone

  1. Click Start Milestone (SM) or Finish Milestone (FM) icon.
  2. Click on canvas to place.
  3. When linked, a SM snaps to earliest successor and a FM snaps to latest predecessor.

Link Objects: Finish-to-Start (FS) basics

  1. Select two objects and click Link icon. If linking milestones, S milestone snaps to earliest successor/F milestone snaps to latest predecessor.
  2. Select three or more FS activities (only) and click the FS chain icon.
  3. Build SS & FF logic by linking embeds (see Build SS & FF Logic with Embeds Quickstart Guide).

Modify Objects

  1. Select to move date/grid or hover on end activity for double arrows to stretch duration.
  2. Double click to open property box to reset calendar in Dates tab or format in Format tab. Dates and duration can be modified here, but adjustment on the plan may be easier.

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