PMA’s Commitment to Innovation

Tim Mather has recently been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of PMA Technologies, a subsidiary of PMA Consultants. Mr. Mather and PMA Tech leverage over forty years of experience in...

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Team Communication

Communication is an important element in creating an effective team. It’s worth taking time to define team communication, what supports team communication, and what undermines team communication. When feedback or internal surveys...

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NetPoint Project Folders

Learn how to work with the new Project Folder structure introduced in NetPoint 4.2. NetPoint Project Folders from PMA Technologies on Vimeo....

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Configuring the Plan

Learn how to best configure the schedule and customize the canvas depending on the parameters of the project. Topics covered include the calendar settings, background color, grid spacing, and page...

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The Graphical Path Method™

An introduction to GPM® and what distinguishes it from CPM. Topics covered include an overview of traditional networking concepts, such as logic relationships and float attributes, as well as breakthrough concepts...

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Intro to NetPoint® (advanced)

An introduction to NetPoint for those who have used other scheduling applications or who have a working knowledge of the Critical Path Method. Topics covered include a new approach to...

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Intro to NetPoint® (beginner)

An introduction to NetPoint for those who are new to the practice of scheduling and its software applications. Topics covered include task sheets, drawing programs, and working with activities and...

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