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Part 1: Build & Update the Schedule

Tim Mather covers building and updating a schedule, including working with data dates, creating targets, statusing the schedule, actualizing objects and displays, resource loading and leveling, and comparing updates. Attendees learn how to use NetPoint’s unique features to update, modify, and compare schedules.

Part 2: Layout Manager & Automated Layouts

Dr. Vivek Puri covers schedule layout, including creating and modifying layouts, analyzing links, and viewing statistics. Attendees learn how to use NetPoint’s unique features, including Layout Manager and Automated Layouts for running the engine, locking relative positions, and setting up swimlanes.

If you are new to NetPoint, we suggest watching our Intro to NetPoint session first, where Tim gives a comprehensive overview of the technology and its features.


As COO of PMA Technologies, Tim is responsible for the growth of PMA Technologies. Tim is a PMP with extensive project management, software development, and marketing. Tim earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and pursued the postgraduate study of project management at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Vivek Puri, PMP

Dr. Vivek Puri has significant experience planning and executing projects in both construction and information technology. Dr. Puri’s recent work involves research and development relating to NetPoint, NetRisk, and Schedule MD. Three innovative tools were developed in-house by PMA. His doctoral work was in the area of simulation applications for construction planning.

Use CTRL+A to select everything, then go to the objects tab and set properties for these objects, turning on drift and float.

For better performance with larger schedules, see Project Summit. This isn’t possible on NetPoint, though, due to the architecture of the application.

Some people don’t like the triangle approach and prefer the milestone or flag. To change this, you select everything, go to “select properties,” and then change the shape for milestones (ex: a star). You can additionally change the benchmark through these properties. It is also possible to change a single object by double clicking on the milestone and going to the format tab and selecting the desired shape.

Go to the bottom of the first tab, choose “select from selection,” and then highlight the part you want snapshotted. To save it, choose what format you prefer (file, jpeg, etc.).

Many of the features of NetPoint are making their way into Project Summit. The final amount depends on the feedback we get from our testers and users.

Click on a point in the schedule to create a lag or stoppage of a link. Then you can just create an activity to use as a successor.  

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