From User-defined Templates

NetPoint does not come with any pre-defined templates, but the effect can be achieved by configuring a blank schedule. When doing so, consider the following five areas:

Schedule Properties: Choose settings like the background color of the canvas, what calendar strips and sightlines to display, the calendar strip text size, and grid spacing.

Page Setup: Choose landscape or portrait, page size, and print tiling  for the canvas both on-screen as well as when it’s printed.

Project Calendars: Define any holidays or non-working days unique to a project or company.

Resources: Add cost, labor, material, or equipment requirements which are used across multiple projects.

Activity Defaults Customize how all new activities will look when they’re drawn on the canvas, including what data will be displayed (e.g. dates, float attributes, ID’s, etc.) and how they’re formatted (e.g. colors). .

Once this schedule has been configured as desired, save it under an obvious name (e.g. Template 1). All colors, resources, calendars, and properties will be saved for future use. When creating a new schedule from this template, always be sure to rename it (i.e. File > Save As…) so as to preserve the original template.