System Icons


System icons perform basic application functions, and are familiar to most users.

New Icon New Project Click to create a new schedule from a blank canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+N.
Open Project Click to access saved NetPoint projects. Shortcut: Ctrl+O.
Save Icon Save Project Click to replace the latest version of the file with the active version. If the file has not been saved, the Save As window will open. Shortcut: Ctrl+S.
Cut Icon Cut to Clipboard Click to remove selected item(s) from the canvas to the clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+X.
Copy icon Copy to Clipboard Click to place selected item(s) onto the clipboard without removing them from the canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+C.
Paste Icon Paste Click to insert copied items from the clipboard. When the prompt is displayed, enter a grid for placement. Shortcut: Ctrl+V. The down arrow expands a menu with the options for a regular paste and Paste Format.
Print Icon Print Project Click to open the Print options to select a printer and adjust print properties. Shortcut: Ctrl+P.
Undo Icon Undo Click to reverse the last actions. Undo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Z.
Redo Icon Redo Click reverse the previous undo actions. Redo does not apply to zoom, stretch, page setup, or print setup. Shortcut: Ctrl+Y.
Select Tool Icon Select Click to use the Select Tool.
Multi Select Icon Multi-Select Click to use the Multi-Select Tool.