Mode Icons


Mode icons provide quick access from the canvas to important functions.

  • Gestural IconClick the Gestural Interface icon to open the Gestural Interface window. This window makes crashing, extending, or repositioning activities and other objects transparent, especially when using touch-based input on a tablet computer.
  • Zoom IconClick the Zoom/Stretch icon to open the Schedule Zoom & Stretch window.
  • Shortcuts:
  • Zoom: Ctrl + up/down arrows or Ctrl + mousewheel
  • Stretch: Shift + up/down arrows or Shift + mousewheel
  • Schedule Properties IconClick the Schedule Properties icon to modify the Schedule Properties settings.
  • Logic Mode IconClick the Logic Hold icon to maintain GPM algorithmic rules as the schedule is modified. Click again to work without restraints of logic.
  • GPM planning2 Click the GPM Planning icon to choose between planned dates, CPM early dates, and CPM late dates. Save prior to changing modes.
  • Resource Display IconClick the Resource Display icon to hide or show the resource profile at the bottom of the canvas.
  • Resource Limit IconClick the Resource Limit icon to display resource limit overages.
  • Click the GEM icon down arrow to choose between Global Edit Mode or Date Lock mode. Date Lock mode prevents objects from being moved horizontally. GEM allows all the descriptive elements of objects to be clicked and dragged to new positions.