Objects Menu

Click the Objects menu to access the following commands:

Set Properties for Selected Objects… Opens the Set Global Properties window to modify the properties for multiple objects simultaneously. For detailed instructions, see Bulk-Editing Objects.
Set Default Properties for New Objects… Opens the Set Default Object Settings window to specify the properties for activities when they are drawn on the canvas (e.g. color, which data to be displayed, calendar, etc.). Only applies to new activities. For detailed instructions, see Setting Default Properties for New Objects.
Set Duration Display Format for Activities Changes the time unit for how activity durations can be displayed on the canvas. Applies to all activities.
Change Text Size Allows you to change the text size for > All Descriptions (including ID’s and text boxes) or > All Dates, Durations, and Floats
Restore Default Positions of Data Resets the position of any descriptions, IDs, dates, floats, drifts, buffers, gaps, and total floats back to their default locations. It may apply to: > All Activities > Selected Activities > All Links > Selected Links
Arrangement Includes the following options for changing the order on the canvas of the object (shades, shapes): > Bring to Front > Send to Back
Line up Activities Places the selected activities on the same horizontal line on the canvas. Whichever activity is selected first will become the target gridline.
Restore Faded Colors for All Objects Restores the color of all objects that have been spotlighted in yellow or faded.
Highlight Driving Link Chains Highlights activities and links with the smallest gaps and fades the rest. Can be undone by Restore Faded Color for All Objects.
Redundant Links Controls the display of redundant links on the canvas. For detailed instructions, see Treating Redundancies.
Display Float and Drifts for Actualized Objects Enables floats and drifts to be displayed for actualized objects. A check mark indicates when the option is turned on. Note: even when turned on, float and drift must be displayed individually for desired objects through their property windows. For detailed instructions, see Floats and Drifts for Actualized Objects.
Override Critical Color for Delays Displays delay/gain objects according to their specified color instead of red (when critical). Applies to all delays.