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Join PMA at the 8th Annual NetPoint & GPM Conference

We are excited to announce that the 8th Annual PMA NetPoint & GPM Conference will be hosted in Austin, Texas. Please join us for the two-day program focused on advancing the practice of […]

Exporting to P6

When exporting, keep in mind that there are many differences between NetPoint and P6. Items like resources, calendars, codes, and constraints, for example, are all handled slightly differently. In addition, some characteristics are […]

Running the Engine

When you an automated layout, every object in the schedule is analyzed, indexed, and placed back on the canvas. This analysis begins by identifying clusters of activities and other objects within the network […]

File Menu

Click the File menu to access the following commands: New Opens a blank NetPoint canvas. Shortcut: Ctrl+N. Open… Accesses saved project schedules. For detailed instructions, see . Shortcut: Ctrl+O.   Open .nzp… Unzips a project’s […]